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As the population increases and civilization, urban landscape and lifestyle keep changing.
Betweens those concrete blocks, we work, we play and rest.
At the same time, in the grass, down the back street, up on the roof, they live along with garbage, sewage, stench, disease, and murderous intentions.
Continuously incidents of cat abuse is just the tip of the iceberg.

Nevertheless, the cats still maintain their own characteristics, they always find fun in such environment, adapting the world without changing of personality.
They keep elegant in darkness, show persistent mind in difficulties.
They may be small, but their vitality and inspiration given out, are far more than we thought (the fact, only few of us have imagined).

Many many stories are performed everyday close to us.
They do not need our sympathies but respect, that is their fundamental rights.
Let us learn more, respect them and accept them to live together.

What I am going to tell is about street cats in my home town, Hong Kong, something about their daily life.
Being a photojournalist, I travel through the city all the day. I meet those friends around here.

They always show the power of life, even living in hell, they would find out their heaven.
Although it is always a hard-day, they never give up and keep their personal characteristic.
Their biggest enemy, human, should have a lesson from them.

I show pieces of their life here, hope that you can know more about them.
You need not do anything, but at least, respect them and don't try to hurt them.

I hope that you will like my street cats photos, as well as stray cats on streets.
There are more photos in my web album, please have a visit and leave a message.


Hundreds of volunteers joining Cat Colony Care Programme (and many other caring people) contribution effort to control the number of stray cats.
Let cats breeding without control, irresponsible abandonment and killing brings tragedies.
Please open our mind to accommodate those of the little lives.

There is more information at http://www.spca.org.hk/chi/welfare/cccp.asp.